Penis Exercises Choosing The Correct Lube}

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Penis Exercises – Choosing the Correct Lube



Some penis enlargement exercises require the user to sit down. Others are best performed standing. Still others require lubrication in order to work properly. The use and exact amount of lubrication depends upon which type of exercises you are performing and upon your skin type. Some people need a lot of lubrication because they have a naturally dry skin. Others simply focus on exercises that require significant lubrication in order to avoid injuring the skin. The Double Hand, the Slider Blaster and the Jelq all require some lubrication. Most squeezes, for instance require heavy lubrication in order to be performed properly.

Lubrication is used to provide a layer of liquid or gel that allows the hand to slide along the penis without stretching the skin past its breaking point. Moreover, the repeated movements slowly push the oils out of the skin, leaving it dry. There is always a risk that skin cells break and that blood clots form at injury sites. This is why lubrication must be used in order to prevent the loss in skin elasticity and to avoid stretches. Another good thing about lubrication is that the decrease in friction increases the ease of movements and exercises can be performed faster and easier.

Also, the skin is less sore at the end of a workout session, which is an excellent thing. Less soreness means faster healing and less of that tingling sensation that lingers after exercises. The exact type of lubrication used depends upon the preferences and needs of each man. Thickness, smell, cleanup, availability and cost are all factors that come into play whenever a man decides to purchase a product because each of these factors influences the decision.

Basic lubrication can be provided by what is probably the best known and widely available product: baby oil. Still, some men dont like the smell that baby oil leaves behind or the fact that it makes for a pretty messy lube. Aside from various oils, men also gel lubes and creams. Some even apply shaving creams in order to profit from both the lubrication and the hydration effects. It doesnt really matter what you use, as long as your penis is well lubricated and there are no injuries at the end of the workout session.

The choice between a thin or a thick jelly is yours to make. Try them both and see which one offers a better balance between a firm grip and a fast slide. The best-known products that you can always buy without a prescription and without a trip to the doctor are baby oil or its gel version, K-Y Jelly (including K-Y Liquid and K-Y Ultragel) and Vaseline. For the post-workout soreness you can use Vit K lotion, Vitamin E and Gold Bond. This is by no means an exhaustive list so feel free to look for other products and experiment.

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Penis Exercises – Choosing the Correct Lube }