10 Reasons To Recycle Your E Waste}

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Are you recycling your E waste?

If not, read the following reasons why you should be doing it:

1.Most of the e-waste in the world, that isnt processed through a certified electronics recycler, ends up in 3rd world countries. Many of these countries are not aware, or are incapable of addressing, the environmental issues caused by dumped e-waste.

2.Throwing away your offices old electronics into a dumpster leaves you extremely susceptible to information theft, even if you think youve deleted all your files on that broken computer, notebook, smartphone, PDA, or digital scanner. Choosing a certified recycler means your identity will be protected!

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3.Job creation, specifically Green Job creation, is one of the wonderful bi-products of E-cycling. The skills required for many functions in the industry means that E-Cycling centers can often create environmentally-friendly jobs in disadvantaged communities.

4.Recycling metals from e?waste uses a fraction of the energy needed to mine new metals. Recycling 1 million cell phones can recover 50 pounds of gold, 550 pounds of silver, 20 pounds of palladium and 20,000 pounds of copper, according to the EPA. A ton of used cell phones (6,000 phones) yields $15,000 in precious metals.

5.Clearly, not enough of our electronics are being recycled, and recycled properly. Too many electronics are still being exported and dangerously disassembled. We all can do more to ensure they are recycled and their materials reused, so they dont contaminate the environment and cause health hazards.

6.Trash pollutes the environment generally. It contaminates the sea and the soil, it can be hazardous for bird and animal life, and it undermines local eco-systems.

7.Pollution is also caused by the transporting of e-waste to a transfer station and then often long distances to the landfill. The environmental damage continues as some unscrupulous waste managers circumvent local laws by transporting e-waste to undeveloped nations with archaic processing practices. Local release of toxins is inevitable, and many sites have been documented for increased local health problems due to the seepage of hazardous waste or from the unregulated open air incineration of this waste.

8.E-Recycling doesnt only prevent the toxic disposal of your electronics, but it also means a significant reduction in the amount of new materials, and therefore a reduced need to mine new ores to access the elements needed to create the materials!

9.Eliminating the risks of date loss and government fines are both great benefits, but e-recycling can even be profitable in some cases! Many corporations have found that their used electronics are not actually ready to be processed as e-waste as they still hold actual value! What may be considered obsolete to you may still be usable by others or in need of some simple upgrades or refurbishment to be made usable to others.

10.It is the right thing to do.

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